Surge Protection Devices - Type 1+2+3, 50kA, 3 phase, with Window Indication SY12350KA4P


The Surge Protection Devices SY12350KA4P is a powerful surge protector designed to protect your high-power equipment from damaging power surges and voltage spikes. With its advanced technology and robust construction, this surge protector offers reliable protection for both residential and commercial settings.

The Surge Protection Devices SY12350KA4P is capable of handling large surges of up to 50kA, making it ideal for use with industrial machinery, HVAC systems, and commercial grade appliances. This surge protector features a user-friendly design and easy installation process, ensuring that your valuable electronic equipment is protected in no time.

Equipped with LED status indicators, the Surge Protection Devices SY12350KA4P provides clear and concise information about the status of your surge protection, allowing you to easily monitor the performance of your electronic equipment. With its compact and durable design, this surge protector can be easily installed in any location and is built to last.



  • Lightning protection Level 3, 50kA 10/350μs.
  • Fully compliant to BSEN62305, BS61643-11 & BS7671.
  • Combined arrester Type 1+2+3 can handle direct lightning strikes and protect sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Suitable for all installation types (TT, TNC-S & TN-S).
  • Low let through voltage <1.3kV.
  • Visual indication of status.
  • Pluggable replacement modules.
  • Remote changeover contacts can be linked to BMS, buzzer, light etc.
  • Din rail mountable.
  • Minimum backup fuse / MCB 63A.
  • Recommended cable size 25mm²
£282.24 ex VAT
Rated voltage (max. continuous voltage)275V~
Nominal discharge current (8/20)20kA
Max. discharge current (8/20)50kA
Response time<25ns/100ns
Surge Protection Devices - Type 1+2+3, 50kA, 3 phase, with Window Indication SY12350KA4P
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