FuseBox - 30mA 1P+N Type A RCBO Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD)


Fusebox's AFDD is a single module device which is suitable for new and existing FuseBox installations. Designed to protect against ARC FAULTS (Series and Parallel), overload, short circuit and earth leakage. The Fusebox AFDD range are double pole RCBO AFDD meaning the Line and Neutral conductors do not have to be disconnected for IR (insulation resistance) testing if the lever is in the OFF position making it the ideal solution any property requiring AFDD protection.


  • Fusebox combined AFDD/RCBO (1P+N) Switch
  • Fully compliant and 3rd party tested to BS EN 62606 / IEC 61009-1
  • LED Fault indication
  • Fits all Fusebox consumer units
  • Replaces any Fusebox RCBO where additional ARC protection may be required
  • Used for the protection against ARC FAULTS (SERIES AND PARALLEL), overload, short circuit and earth leakage
  • Type A for AC and pulsating DC sensitivity
  • Short circuit capacity of 6kA with a maximum rating of 40A
£97.85 ex VAT
Amperage *
DescriptionFusebox AFDD RCBO
RatingIEC/EN 61009-1
Number of Poles1P + N


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